Browser Management Assessment

Shine a light into the dark corners of your browser-based application estate. Two weeks, your data, real results.

A Browsium Browser Management Assessment provides you with a customized introduction to the essential analytics the Browsium browser management suite can offer your organization – using your client PCs and web applications to illuminate the browser blind spots your existing management tools leave behind.
It’s tailored for your organization and provides:

  • A snapshot of the information you’re missing using your current IT operations management tools
  • Key insights to help you improve IT security and save your organization money

It’s easy:

  • Just configure data collection from select end users
  • Let them perform their normal job functions for two weeks
  • Browsium experts will provide the findings
  • No systems to build, no servers to configure, no software to learn

Managing your modern IT environment begins with discovery, and discovery begins with a Browsium Browser Management Assessment. Learn more about this program today.