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Can’t we achieve application compatibility by upgrading our commercial applications?

Upgrading commercial applications is often far more difficult and expensive than expected. First, it assumes the software vendor still offers a viable upgrade path for your legacy application. Don’t be surprised to find that your vendor has discontinued the product or stopped supporting it. Even if the product is being kept current, do you still have an active maintenance contract? Renewing maintenance can be cost prohibitive. In addition, with an upgrade, the cost of installing the software, testing your business processes, and training users can be staggering. Reintegration of data and customization of the upgraded application can be as hard as rewriting the entire application or deploying something new, so an upgrade can often be more complex than anticipated, with costs far exceeding the value realized.

By managing your organization’s browsers instead of constantly upgrading legacy applications, you can continue using your business-critical web applications until you’re ready to upgrade or replace them, thus avoiding the endless cycle of upgrading, installing, reintegrating data, customizing, testing, and training users. A browser management platform will enable your organization to run legacy applications on modern browsers and pair all web applications with the most compatible browser.

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