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Why do I need browser management in my enterprise? Aren’t my existing management tools sufficient?

The browser is now the core platform for end user workloads in the enterprise, where on-premises and cloud-based web applications have replaced native applications for nearly every business task. Yet today’s modern IT organizations lack the tools needed to manage this critical component of their end user workspace. Existing management solutions are designed around the old installed, executable application model with everything packaged and bundled for delivery and management. Web applications are the opposite of that model, with applications compiled at runtime with no clear application boundaries. A new management paradigm is needed.

Managing the browser is more than Group Policy settings and controlling Security Zones. Organizations require a complete browser management software solution that gives them visibility, knowledge, and granular control of this mission-critical application platform. With Browsium’s browser management software suite as part of their overall management toolset, our customers take command of their modern IT workspace to increase security, improve efficiency, and save money.

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