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Will Browsium support Windows 10 and Microsoft’s new Edge browser?

Browsium products will support Windows 10 once it is released, with a focus on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). We expect to deliver the same functionality for IE11 in Windows 10 as we do for IE11 on Windows 8 and Windows 7 today.

Windows 10 will also include a new browser, called Edge. Edge is being designed around modern web standards, with limited backward compatibility. For this reason, Microsoft’s guidance has been that enterprises should use IE11 for their business applications, instead of Edge. We expect this message to be delivered more broadly as Windows 10 nears release.

Browsium support of Edge is still undetermined as Microsoft has not finished the development of the browser and has not communicated how browser extensions will be handled. We anticipate that we will be able to provide multi-browser management of Edge and IE11 with Catalyst once Windows 10 and Edge are released.

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