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Browsium Catalyst 3.0 Hotfixes

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Browsium Catalyst 3.0


This knowledge base article provides access to hotfixes for the specific General Distribution Release (GDR) of Browsium Catalyst listed in the Applies To section above. Each public release of Catalyst is considered a GDR and is eligible for hotfixes until the end of its support lifecycle. See the Catalyst Support Lifecycle KB for details on the support dates for each release of Catalyst.

A hotfix is a Limited Distribution Release (LDR) provided to specific customers for specific issues, which could be new features or bug fixes. Hotfixes are complete releases of Catalyst (both Client and Manager) and are cumulative, with each successive hotfix containing all the changes from the previous hotfixes. Browsium recommends that customers who require a hotfix install the most current version unless otherwise instructed by Browsium Support.

Hotfix Downloads and Release Notes

Browsium Catalyst 3.0.0 Hotfix 2

Build Number
Release Date: 19 June 2015
Release Notes:

  • Fixes an issue which causes Catalyst to fail to bring minimized browser windows into focus when executing a browser redirection.


Browsium Catalyst 3.0.0 Hotfix 1

Build Number
Release Date: 29 May 2015
Release Notes:

  • Fixes an issue which causes Catalyst to fail to properly redirect links from within Microsoft Outlook.


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