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Creating a rule for Windows Update on Windows XP


By default, Windows Update will only run in Internet Explorer when run on Windows XP. (Windows Update has its own Control Panel Applet on Windows 7). If the Block Other Requests setting for Internet Explorer is enabled in Catalyst, Windows Update will fail to run properly on Windows XP. To enable Windows Update to function, a specific Catalyst rule must be created to enable Windows Update in Internet Explorer in this scenario.


This document details the steps to enable Windows Update to always open in Internet Explorer while the Block Other Request setting is enabled for Internet Explorer.

Settings that Cause this Issue

If any browser other than Internet Explorer is set as the Default Browser …


… and Block Other Requests is enabled in Internet Explorer, then Windows Update will fail to run properly until a rule is created for Windows Update.


Creating the rule

This section will detail the process of creating a Catalyst rule and then saving it locally so Catalyst will open Windows Update in Internet Explorer.

  1. Launch the Catalyst Configuration Manager (Start -> All Programs -> Browsium Catalyst Configuration Manager )
  2. Create or Open a Project. Under Rules Manager, select Add Rule.
  3. Create a rule. Name the rule Windows Update. Accept all the default options but in the Value field input “”. This is the primary URL for Windows Update. See picture belowcatalyst-xp-windows-update-3
  4. You can now choose Start Test Configuration to test the project.catalyst-xp-windows-update-4
  5. Test the new rule buy running Windows Update from the Start menu. The Windows Update application should render in Internet Explorer.

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