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Enabling Java Usage Tracker for Proton

Applies to

Browsium Client 4.4 and 4.5


Proton can collect activity logs for Java applications that run on the desktop in addition to those hosted in a typical browser environment. Once you have followed the steps outlined in this guide you can view this information by accessing the “Applications by Version” tab within the Java section of Activities in Proton Manager.


To enable this feature you will need to copy down a file to all client machines. This file must be configured so that the Java usage tracker log outputs to ${user.home}/JavaUsageTracker/JavaUsageTracker.log. Proton will be able to get information from the log in this location and that information will be included in the Java application activity report. Nothing else should need to be done other than to restart the client machine once Java usage tracker is enabled.

  1. Create the file using the following two lines:
  2. = ${user.home}/JavaUsageTracker/JavaUsageTracker.log = ,;|

  3. Copy the file to each JRE you wish to track’s lib/management folder.
  4. Restart the client machine.
  5. More information on the format of the file and a sample file template can be found on page 12 of Oracle’s JUT documentation here:

    Note that to use this feature you are required to have a Java SE Subscription (Java enterprise JRE license) and can find more information here:

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