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Important notice regarding Microsoft Edge

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Users of Microsoft Edge with Catalyst, Proton


Microsoft has released a stable build of it’s new Chromium-based Edge browser. Installing this build will remove the existing AppX-based Edge browser from your system and Microsoft has indicated that there is no uninstall available for this build.


If you are using the original AppX-based version of Microsoft Edge with Browsium Catalyst or Proton we advise you to not install this newer version of the Chromium-based Edge as we do not currently support it and there is no documented way to roll back to the Appx-based version of Edge should you install it. You can still install the Beta version of the Chromium-based Edge browser alongside the Appx-based Edge browser without issue but we recommend this only in non-production environments since we are not yet supporting the Chromium-based version of Edge. You can find the Beta channel at Microsoft’s official site for pre-release Edge,

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