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Information requested when submitting a bug report

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Ion 2.x or 3.x


The following information is requested when submitting bug reports to Browsium for Ion and UniBrows issues. Please follow these steps to make sure that the Browsium team has all relevant information with which to debug and troubleshoot any problems you may find.

Environmental information

  • OS version, including Service Pack level. Example: Win7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2 or XPSP3
  • Whether you are running with 64- or 32-bit Windows (Win7 64-bit Pro)
  • The .NET Framework versioncurrently installed (visible in Windows’ Add/Remove Programs), including Service Pack level. Example: .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
    • Please note that the “Full Profile” installation of .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 is required for UniBrows, the “Client Profile” is not supported
  • IE version. Example: IE8, IE9

Ion information

  • Ion version running on the client. Example: 2.0
  • How are you deploying rules to this client? Examples: Flat file (BCX), Group Policy, or ‘Save local settings’ via the Configuration Manager
  • What IE engine/profile are you using in this scenario? Example: “Emulate IE7,” “Adaptive IE Quirks,” “Edge Mode,” etc.

Repro steps for the problem

  • Please list, in order, the steps you take to reproduce the problem. This includes what URLs you start from and where you’re trying to go
  • What OS/IE combination does this web site normally work with? Example: XPSP3 + IE8
  • Please include any specific error messages or dialogs that appear when running under Ion. Screenshots are helpful. Please note if this is a “clean installation” of Windows & Ion (like a clean VM) or if this is a production machine that’s seen OS & application upgrades over time
  • Please include your currently loaded Ion/Rules rules (a screenshot of the Configuration Manager rules page or a copy of your BCX file will suffice)

Additional information

  • If possible, run Fiddler and capture the web traffic to submit alongside your bug report. See this article for information on running Fiddler
  • If possible, include the Event Log for Ion running with full logging enabled. To enable full logging:
    • If using the Ion Configuration Manager, change the “Minimum Logging Level” option under the “Settings” node to “All,” as in this screenshot. Be sure to ‘Save Local Settings’ from the ‘File’ menu after making this change.
    • If using a flat file to configure clients, change the line <MinimumLogLevel>Warn</MinimumLogLevel> to <MinimumLogLevel>All</MinimumLogLevel>, save the file, and then restart the Ion processes to load this new setting
    • If using Group Policy, change the logging level to ‘All’ via the Configuration Manager (screenshot above) and then export your settings to ADM or ADMX via the “File” menu and import those settings into your Active Directory
  • Run your failure scenario through Ion while running Fiddler in the background and after changing the logging level per these instructions. After completing your repro steps,
    • Save the Fiddler log and include the log in an email or bug report to us here at Browsium
    • Save the Windows Event Viewer log locally and include the log in an email or bug report to us here at Browsium. To run Event Viewer, type ‘eventvwr.exe’ in Windows’ Start menu. The Ion logs live under the ‘Applications and Services Logs’ node
  • Finally, consider running the Ion diagnostics tool supplied with the Ion Configuration Manager on the local machine and upload the diagnostic log with your bug report.
    • Choose the ‘Diagnostics’ tool under the “Tools’ node of the Ion Configuration Manager

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