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Can the Ion Configuration Manager be used by multiple users simultaneously?

The Ion Configuration Manager was designed to be used individually by application owners, IT administrators, and remediation consultants working on a given application. The Ion Configuration Manager can be installed on multiple PCs if there are IT administrators, developers or even Help Desk resources that have been trained to use the software to troubleshoot and remediate applications, or if multiple developers/consultants are engaged in remediation of an application. The caveat to multiple resources working on the same application is that they need to be working in concert and communicating constantly about what they are working on and what is the appropriate solution for a particular application defect. For each end user PC, there can only be one configuration. This configuration can remediate multiple applications. The Ion license does not limit the number of Administrator workstations that the Configuration Manager can be installed on. It is not recommended that end users gain access to the Configuration Manger; only specified people in your organization should be authorized to build and modify configurations you create or you could end up with incorrect configurations causing application failures, crashes or even potentially exposing users to security threats.

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