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How does Browsium Ion enable my enterprise to use legacy applications?

Browsium Ion cost-effectively enables legacy IE-dependent line-of-business web applications to run in modern browsers with no server-side code changes. This web application remediation tool also allows enterprises to manage and secure Java. Ion is not virtualization, does not run a separate version of Internet Explorer, and does not change the default browser or normal browsing behavior. It is simply a granular management tool for Internet Explorer that provides the control to enable legacy applications to run properly in a modern browser.

Specifically, Ion enables IT to change Internet Explorer document modes, inject HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the fly, set custom registry entries, and swap in the required legacy versions of Java, at the web application or even web page level. This maximizes compatibility for all business-critical applications while simultaneously maximizing security for Internet browsing.

This is all done within a single-browser solution that is completely invisible to end-users. By managing the browser environment directly, IT gains control over the timing and sequencing of web application upgrades. Ion does this by running legacy IE-dependent web applications side-by-side with more current applications. This enables easy migration to the most current release of Internet Explorer on each Windows platform, with confidence that business-critical applications will continue to run.

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