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Using Ion with Microsoft App-V

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Browsium Ion 3.0 and later with Microsoft App-V 4.x and 5.x


When running Browsium Ion in an environment where Microsoft App-V is used to package Internet Explorer and the App-V policy LOCAL_INTERACTION_ALLOWED=TRUE  has not been set, the Browsium Ion Launcher may crash. This is due to an interaction between the Ion extension in Internet Explorer and the App-V virtualization software. To overcome this issue, an exclusion for Browsium software must be created in the App-V section of Windows registry. This article provides details on the value to set in the registry.


When Browsium Ion is installed on a system along with Microsoft App-V, and App-V has been used to create virtual instances of Internet Explorer, an incompatibility exists that may cause the Browsium Ion Launcher to crash. This issue does not occur when the App-V policy LOCAL_INTERACTION_ALLOWED is set to TRUE. However many customers disable Local Interaction to enable additional functionality in App-V or to avoid other compatibility issues. In these environments, a registry key must be updated to include Browsium software in the list of App-V exclusions. Note that this will not exclude Ion managed instances from launching from within App-V packaged Internet Explorer. That functionality works as expected.

To add Browsium Ion (and other Browsium software) the list of App-V exclusions, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\Subsystem\ObjExclusions in the Windows Registry. You’ll find a list of numbered values that represent exclusions already present.


Find the highest numbered exclusion and then create a new String Value using the value name of the next available integer and set the data for that value to *browsium*. In the following example, the next available integer is 99 so it’s used as our value name.


You can deploy this registry setting to all clients in your enterprise using any software management tools capable of remotely creating and editing registry keys.



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