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Ion root certificate permissions on localized systems

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Ion 2.x


This knowledge base article has been created to address an issue when the Browsium Ion Root Certificate is created but fails to work correctly. This issue has been reported on systems where the ‘Everyone’ group has been renamed or uses a local language translation of ‘Everyone’.


In order for the Browsium Ion software to handle HTTPS traffic in an application remediation, Ion creates a personal certificate. If users encounter blank webpages or Ion fails to render HTTPS webpages correctly, it might be due to the failure of the certificates handling needed by Ion.

To determine if you are encountering this issue, navigate to an HTTPS site while the Browsium Continuity Controller is running and see if the webpages are being rendered. If the webpages are not being rendered properly, follow the steps provided below. Note: You must use an account with Administrator rights for these steps.

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Management Console by running the “MMC” command from the Run command.

Step 2. Click on File, select Add/Remove Snap In …, and Add the Certificates Snap In. Use the “My user account” so you are using Certificates for the Current User.

Step 3. Expand the Personal folder and verify if certificates are being created by the BrowsiumAuthority. If no certificates are displayed, then it is likely there is an issue with the permissions on the Browsium Root Certificate.

Step 4. Within the Microsoft Management Console, select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities and confirm that there is a certificate created for Browsium Ion.

Step 5. Navigate to the following location. “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys\”. This is where certificates are being stored. Sort the files by Date and select the one that was created when Ion was installed on the machine. Often this will be the newest file.

Step 6. Right click the file and choose Properties. Select the Security tab, then Advanced, and select the Owner tab. Add Administrator as the owner of the file. Next, select the Security tab for the file and set the permissions for the ‘Everyone’ group (or localized equivalent) to Read & Execute.


Ion should function properly with the Root Certificate permissions set correctly. Please contact Browsium Support directly if you are unable to correct this issue by following these instructions. The support team can provide you with a tool command line tool to ease this process.

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