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Ion may stop unexpectedly when a user logs in to their computer


Browsium Ion Update 3 (version 2.0.3) stops unexpectedly when a user logs in to their computer.


When an administrative or standard user logs in to a computer that has Ion 2.0.3 installed, but is not the user who installed Ion 2.0.3, the software stops unexpectedly. This occurs when Browsium Ion has been installed, but no configuration has been deployed for the current user.

Affected Systems

All operating systems supported by Browsium Ion.


To prevent this behavior, ensure each user account has read access to an Ion configuration deployed via the registry, flat file, or GPO. You may also resolve this issue by following either the steps below or those outlined in the “Managing Ion in the Enterprise” section of the Ion Administration Guide.

Fix #1 – Deploy a project to a remote client
Deploy a project to any system that has not yet been configured after Ion has been installed. This will create the necessary registry settings for each user.

Fix #2 – Deploy a project to the local client using the Ion Configuration Manager

Log in as the user account that installed Ion 2.0.3 and start the Ion Configuration Manager.
Create a new project or load an existing project.
Under the Settings node for the project, set the “Local Machine Only” option to “Enabled” as shown in this screenshot:


4. From the File menu, select Save Local Settings.

5. When prompted, select Local Machine as the save location and click OK.


This issue has been fixed in Ion 3.0.

Versions Affected:
Ion 2

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