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Java 1.6 remediation issues and workarounds

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Ion 3 and above.


You see an “Object not found” or an “Object method XXYY not found”  error while loading a webpage that uses a Java 1.6 applet.


  1. Configure a profile for this site that only does the custom file replacement for the Java runtime. Make sure no other overrides are present in the profile (document mode, string replacement, content replacement or header replacement).
  2. If content overrides or a specific document mode are required, make sure the Value for the profile in the rules manager will match a portion of the site AND a portion of any Java applet URL loaded from the site. Example: if the site URL is and a Java applet served up by the site is, use a Value for the profile that contains AABB instead of just somesite.
  3. If neither 1 nor 2 is possible, for each Java applet, add a simple string replacement to the profile whose Target URI matches the applet class’s name. Leave the “String to Find” and “Replace With” fields empty.

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