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Legacy Java swap for Java 1.8 and below

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Java 1.8 and below


Earlier versions of Java browser plugins executed Java applets within the browser process itself, while the more recent versions Java have designed their plugins to execute in a separate process outside the browser. This has created situations where some applets developed using older versions of Java stopped working because of timing differences caused by the new out of process Java browser plugin architecture.

Java Applets developed for Java 1.6 and below typically run into these problems while applets developed using Java 1.8 already used the new process model for their browser plugins. Luckily, Ion has a workaround for applets that need to run using Java 1.8 and below versions by enabling the use of old Java browser plugin architecture using Ion’s Full Profiles.


Though the Java Version Manager doesn’t directly support Java Management using a plugin based swap, we can enable it by creating the following Custom Files and Custom Registry entries.

Custom File – Plugin DLL

For 1.6 version of Java swap you will need to add a Custom File entry with following values using the Custom Files Manager in the Browsium Ion Configuration Manager.

  • Source File – %programfiles%\Java\jre6\bin\npjpi160_[XX].dll
  • Target File – %BROWSIUM_DEFAULT_JAVA_PATH_X86%\bin\jp2iexp.dll
  • COM Registration – false

Use the environment variable BROWSIUM_DEFAULT_JAVA_PATH_X86 in the target path to ensure there are no changes to the project file when the default version of Java is upgraded on the machine. The Ion Client re-computes and updates this value regularly to ensure that the project file remains up to date without any changes needed when upgrading Java on machines in your enterprise.

Please use the Java Override Table in the Managing Java Versions with Browsium Ion document for obtaining Source and Target file values for swapping other versions of Java.

Custom File – (for 1.6 only swaps)

Add a custom File entry using an alternate file to solve this JRE caching problem. This process is highlighted in the Java version remediation with Java 7u71 or newer KB article.

Custom Registry

Additionally, we need to add a custom registry value to disable the old plugin warning in Internet Explorer.

  • Subkey – HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ext
  • Name – VersionCheckEnabled
  • Type – DWORD
  • Value – 0

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