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What is the Proton solution architecture? Where does Proton server software and collected data reside?

Proton is a three-tiered solution, starting with the lightweight Proton Client which is installed on employee PCs throughout the enterprise. Invisible to end users, the Proton Client periodically pushes activity and inventory data to the Proton Server, a Windows Server running IIS and Microsoft SQL Server. Finally, the Proton Manager is the web-based reporting and analytics application that IT uses to monitor and interact with the data.

The Proton Server may be run on-premise, in a private cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, with the database residing on-premise. The Proton Manager is hosted by Browsium, and is accessible by any modern browser. This is the default configuration which enables continuous rapid improvements to the management dashboard with the lowest deployment overhead for customers. It also ensures all activity and inventory data remains safely stored on-site on the customer’s server.

Proton solution architecture graphic

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