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How does Proton specifically help IT with the ongoing maintenance of web applications?

IT teams responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of client PCs need to make sure their environments are running smoothly as new client systems are added or re-imaged, OS and browser patches are deployed, and application licenses are audited. Additionally, on an ongoing basis, IT needs a clear understanding of what’s actually being used, by whom, and how the systems are correlated in order to keep systems operating effectively.

Proton provides real-time data for all configurations and software components (such as versions of Java or other ActiveX controls) in order to verify and optimize the systems. By identifying unused and out-of-date components that can be disabled or uninstalled, Proton helps maximize compatibility, performance, and reduces the organization’s security risk. It also identifies SaaS applications in use by functional department across the organization which helps IT determine performance levels and usage in order to plan for future licensing negotiations.

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