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Set Window Session Mode is unavailable in Ion 3

Applies to

Ion 3.0 and above.


Ion v2 provided the ability to directly manage Internet Explorer session behavior for a given Profile, making it possible to enable Internet Explorer 7’s (and earlier) session management behavior on latest version of Internet Explorer. This scenario was enabled through Set Windows Session Mode Profile property.

This feature is not currently supported in Ion 3. Please contact Browsium Support if you are unable to upgrade due to the lack of session mode support. This feature is planned for a future release of Ion 3.

Scenario Impacted

Using Internet Explorer 7’s session management behavior, users were able to use different windows of Internet Explorer to log in or sign on to multiple different logins from the same website or service provider.


In Ion v2, Set Window Session Mode property was available under Project->Profile->Set Window Session Mode.



Session isolation is available today in an Ion Hotfix and will be included the next Ion release. Contact Browsium Support for more information.

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