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Suppress out-of-date ActiveX control warnings with Ion

Applies To:

Browsium Ion 3.x
(this setting is NOT required for invoking Java 1.6u10 or later when using Ion 3.5)


Microsoft began blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer, particularly old versions of Java, on September 9th (as outlined in August on the IE blog). By default, out-of-date ActiveX control blocking is turned off in the Local Intranet Zone and Trusted Sites Zone. However, this feature will warn users, with options to update the control or override the warning, any time an old version of Java or other ActiveX control on Microsoft’s block list is invoked. As an administrator of line of business applications that require old versions of Java, you can use Browsium Ion to manage the version of Java used by each application, while suppressing the warnings that this new Microsoft feature has introduced.


There are a number of options for suppressing the out-of-date ActiveX control warning. Microsoft has outlined a variety of methods in their blog post. Browsium’s recommended method for suppressing this warning is to use Ion’s Virtual Registry Manager to disable the ActiveX blocking feature for web applications that are using older versions of Java. This article assumes you are already familiar with Java remediation in Ion. If not, refer to the Java remediation sections of the Browsium Ion Administration Guide.

To configure Ion to suppress the out-of-date ActiveX control warning, open your application profile in the Browsium Ion Configuration Manager and navigate to the Custom Registry Manager node.


Select Add from the Custom Registry Manager action pane (on the upper right side) to open the Custom Registry Value Editor.

Select the Current User hive and enter the key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ext and the value name ‘VersionCheckEnabled’, Set the Type to DWord from the pull down menu and enter the Value Data to ‘0’. Then click OK to commit your changes to your Ion configuration.


Users will no longer receive the out-of-date ActiveX control warning from Internet Explorer for any websites that match the Rule you’ve set up to use the Profile containing this custom registry value.

Note: If you’re running on a multi-user terminal server or workstation, you may choose the Local Machine hive instead of Current User. This will disable the warning for all user accounts on the system.


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