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Under what type of scenarios would I use Proton?

Proton delivers tangible business value across many scenarios, including:  

  • Migrating Browsers – Proton inventories all web applications, along with client browser environment data, and presents it in a graphical dashboard. Granular-level data, with line-item detail, helps identify and unblock web application compatibility issues.
  • Maintaining and Optimizing Client Systems – With Proton, IT teams make better business decisions because they have a near real-time view of their web application environment, ensuring their mission critical web applications run smoothly during frequent OS, browser, and Java patching cycles.
  • Proactively Heading Off Security Risks – Proton reduces attack surfaces by enabling IT to correlate and manage applications, add-ons, and browser settings. It identifies unused applications and browser add-ons, such as older versions of Java and ActiveX controls, reducing the potential for security exposure.
  • Improving Employee Productivity – Proton provides business management with the knowledge and insights to drive productive behavior and reduce web distractions among employees. It helps identify and correct hotspots before they affect the company’s bottom line.
  • Driving Transformational IT Projects – Proton’s comprehensive, rich data, and valuable analytics can be used as planning data by IT leaders. A better understanding of their increasingly complex web application environment helps successful planning of future technology initiatives.

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