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Would my CIO be interested in browser management? How much money can we save?

Yes, any CIO would be interested in how much money browser management can save. Here are just three examples of savings created by implementing a browser management strategy:

Eliminate unused applications – Browsium software identifies unused and under-used web applications. By eliminating them, an organization spending $25M on software assets could save about $1M a year* and improve their security profile.

Reduce regression testing costs – One large customer reported using Browsium software saved them $2M per year regression testing Java security patches.

Right-size cloud services – Identifying unneeded server capacity with Browsium software reduces hosting costs. Each server that’s not needed can save a few thousand dollars per month. Eliminating 10 servers at $2000/month saves $240,000 a year.

*Gartner research shows annually about 4% of applications in an organization were retired or users stopped using them.

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