Browsium Proton 30-day Evaluation Kit Download

Congratulations, your request for the Browsium Proton 30-Day Evaluation Kit has been approved.
Please follow these instructions to download and install the software.

  1. Download the Browsium Proton zip file from the button below and save it to your PC.
  2. Extract all files from the Browsium Proton zip file and read the Release Notes.
  3. Install Proton Express (the evaluation version of Proton) by running Proton-Setup.exe, installing the prerequisites, and then choosing Express Install. Any additional required software will be installed automatically – simply accept all defaults throughout the setup experience.
  4. After installation, run the Proton Manager from the Start menu, create an account, and then log in (the first account is auto-approved).
  5. For more detailed guidance on installing and using Proton, read the Browsium Proton Administration Guide.

Download Proton 4.4.2

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