Proton TestDrive Onramp

The Proton TestDrive is a live site that allows you to log in and experience Proton from the perspective of an IT pro querying and analyzing reports via the Proton Manager. The TestDrive data has been generated by a seeding tool that creates fictional clients and activity. This content mirrors real-world scenarios, giving you a great opportunity understand how Proton will deliver critical insights about browser-based applications for your organization.

You have two options for interacting with the TestDrive. You can view the existing data only, or you can connect one of your PCs to the server and add to the data. If you connect a PC to this server, there are three things to be aware of:

  1. Others viewing the reports on the TestDrive site will be able to see your machine inventory and browsing activity (so please keep it clean!).
  2. The TestDrive data is automatically refreshed every night at midnight Pacific Time. So activity you logged today will disappear tomorrow.
  3. If you leave Browsium Client running on your PC, it will automatically reconnect after the refresh and continue to log your browsing activity until you uninstall it.

To log into the Proton TestDrive, click the VISIT PROTON TESTDRIVE button below and enter the following credentials:

Password: password1#

Note that you are logging in as an administrator. That means you will have access to all Proton settings – though we’d prefer you don’t change anything that would affect other visitors. We recommend that you read (or at least skim) the Proton Admin Guide to learn about all of Proton’s features. Chapter 3 contains details on the reporting system, which will help you navigate through the TestDrive site. You’ll also find the Admin Guide in the Help page of the TestDrive site.

If you want to connect a live client to the TestDrive server, download the Browsium Client software from the Manager (in the menu under the gear icon, at the top right corner next to the server URL) and enter in the Client Configuration section during setup to point the client to the TestDrive server.

Lastly, if you’d like to go beyond the TestDrive and install and test Proton on a system in your organization, grab the free Proton Evaluation Kit. It will run for 30 days and allow up to 50 clients to connect. Assuming you got here by filling out our web form, you just need to validate your email to receive the eval kit.