Take Control of Your Multi-Browser Enterprise

The Multi-Browser Challenge

In today’s computing environments, browser choice has broadened for the enterprise and end-users. IT organizations, like yours, are challenged with managing multi-browser environments or you can face security risks and an uptick in helpdesk calls.

Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager for the enterprise, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser. Catalyst works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on all PCs in the enterprise.

How Catalyst Manages Multiple Browsers

With Catalyst, IT creates the rules to govern which browser opens each web application throughout the organization. This configuration is then deployed to end user PCs using management tools already in place.

To help you better understand Catalyst’s value in your IT environment, here are three core scenarios where Catalyst’s browser management capabilities are needed in the enterprise.

Achieve Browser Compatibility, Security and Ease of Use

In all usage scenarios, Catalyst offers seamless browser management which ultimately gives your end users browser flexibility and a more secure computing environment. IT organizations maximize browser compatibility and strengthen security with this easy to manage utility. Learn more about Catalyst’s features and benefits.

Download FREE Evaluation Kit Today!

Don’t wait to improve your enterprise browser management, compatibility, and overall network security. Download the free Catalyst 30-Day Evaluation Kit today.

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