Adobe Flash End of Life

Flash’s Free Extension Expires Soon

The final Flash extension from Adobe is due to expire in April (Allow List/mms.cfg).

Unlike the clumsy virtualized solutions that are single-use and priced per instance per year, we offer a secure, inline solution that is invisible to the end-user AND configurable for virtually any Legacy application compatibility issue – today and tomorrow.

Our scalable solution can be PoC’d and deployed in as little as one week, bypassing the extensive testing and training required for updating software or a virtualized solution.

Do you know how many applications (perhaps mission-critical) in your environment have ActiveX/Flash dependencies?

The costs and, more critically, the time it will take to replace or modify legacy applications to a new platform is prohibitive and amount to throwing good money after bad.

So what are the options?


Retain the status quo.

Continue to use Flash Player, unsupported, and increasingly insecure while monitoring and mitigating potential security threats.


Virtualize the applications.

Operational costs increase significantly by creating virtualized ‘bubbles’ as a security option for Flash based applications.


Rewrite the application.

Coding an exact replacement works, but it is an investment without noticeable return.

You Have a better option

You Can Manage Flash inline.

Utilizing an integrated browser-based management solution to enable and restrict Flash to only approved sites allows applications to continue operating normally. Users need no training, and security is managed via an enhanced defense-in-depth process. This avoids adding any development and operational costs and eliminating security exposure while introducing a one-time software license expense.

Using Browsium Ion, not only can you continue to use Flash, you can lock it down to specific URL’s eliminating dangerous attack vectors to the internet.

  • Run Flash without having to isolate a special browser version
  • Run multiple versions of flash side-by-side
  • Run Flash without Flash installed
  • Run Flash even if it’s actively blocked
  • Run Flash versions indefinitely

Used in combination, our proprietary Browser Strategy Suite (Ion, Catalyst, and Proton), it is possible to inventory, control, and securely deliver multiple solutions across your Enterprise today and for whatever comes next.



Browsium Ion

Legacy software that uses out of date/unsecured versions of Java or Flash will, at the very least, be a security risk or will be unable to run at all. These legacy applications present a security threat to the broader environment where hackers can access deprecated versions of Java or Flash to attack the entire enterprise. With Ion, you can cordon-off the security threats and standardize on the latest browsers while reducing risk and cost. Additionally, Ion is also an invaluable tool for string replacements, migrations, acquisition compatibility, and compliance.


Browsium Catalyst

Your users need to access a variety of applications on the web, but they don’t always use the right browser for the correct application. Catalyst provides IT specialists with rulesets to make sure that your users are using the proper browser every time, thereby reducing end-user frustration and the cost of human error to your organization.

With a Catalyst rule set, end users can be seamlessly redirected to the optimal browser (in the case of Flash, Internet Explorer) when a URL is selected.


Browsium Proton

Proton is a telemetry tool that compliments ITOM tools for the browser environment. Traditional ITOMs only go as far as the application level – which made sense for serving in-house applications but gives little vision into the browser. The problem is that the most used app in the Enterprise IT environment today, the browser(s), is not “just another application,” it is essentially an Operating System within an Operating System.

The browser has an entirely different set of uses and vulnerabilities (including delivering 90% of the end-user applications). Proton provides the actionable data that is necessary for today’s modern enterprise IT environment. From identifying freewheeling Java versions to a near-real-time inventory of end-user downloaded browser extensions/addons, Proton provides a detailed picture of your browser environment and returns control to the IT managers.



Browsium is deployed as a single agent to each user’s device with a negligible resource footprint. A centralized management console is utilized to collect actionable data, set remediation rules, and re-directions.


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