Did you know one app has absolutely changed IT over the past 30 years?

Over the last 30 years, most apps moved away from the desktop and into the browser.

This shift moved the browser from a simple app to a semi-advanced OS. As the browser transformed, standard ITOM tools didn’t. Over time the tools you once relied upon have become ineffective. Ineffective tools mean lost visibility, control, and insights. 

Browsium strives to give you back the control you once had. Our advanced suite of tools is purpose-built to address browser problems others can’t. Each application was designed for ease of use and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. No more workarounds wasted time or resources. With our tools, you can finally regain control of your IT environment and the browser forever.



Reporting and data insights for each user, URL, application, and extension current ITOM tools don’t give you.

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Make technical debt and security holes a thing of the past and enable your legacy applications to run securely.

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Seamlessly ensure all applications open their optimal browser environment every time and is invisible to the end-user.

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Browser Intelligence

Your browser environment has a vast amount of area with little to no IT visibility. With all the responsibility and none of the control, it can be challenging to identify hidden problems in the browser. Proton gives you oversight on everything from Shadow It to Java Security and Management.


Java Management & Security

Legacy software regularly uses out of date and unsecured versions of Java. These legacy applications present a security threat to the broader environment where hackers can access deprecated versions of Java to attack your enterprise. With Ion, you can cordon-off the security threats and standardize on the latest browsers while reducing risk and cost.


Browser Traffic Control

Your users need to access a variety of applications on the web, but they don’t always use the right browser for the correct application. Catalyst provides IT specialists with rulesets to make sure that your users are using the proper browser every time thereby reducing end-user frustration and the cost of human error to your organization.


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