Solve Browser End of Life Frustration

Application Sandboxing Isolates Legacy Technology

Solve browser end of life frustration with Browsium Ion. Mission critical applications must be kept running effectively and without security risk, so application sandboxing tools like Ion are essential. Legacy applications critical to your enterprise can be made to perform seamlessly with newer technology.  Your new and old applications will perform side by side without hiccup or increased security risk. Enable your legacy applications to run securely in any browser.

Multi-Browser Application Management

Ensure your legacy technologies run without compromising security or functionality. All while delivering the latest browser updates and modern web apps. So, you can keep technical debt from preventing your organization from extending ROI and upgrading to the latest and most secure browser.


Provisions For:

IT Administration

Ion enables IT admins to control the browser to allow the organization to do what they want. With Ion, organizations can continue to run legacy systems safely and securely until they are ready to replace them. At the same time, they avoid exposing the organization to attack and offer the flexibility to meet future requirements.

IT Security

Ion gives IT security the ability to lock things down AND say yes to the business when they need to run insecure solutions. Ion truly delivers a granular application environment using process isolation and settings management. Now IT Security can use Ion to lock down the browser and keep application dependencies tied to a URL.

Business Owners

Ion enables your team to run the software they want while meeting the requirements of the IT Security team. Your company IT administrators can deploy technology platforms and web apps without impacting the organization’s settings and users. Using Ion also meets IT Security requirements restricting attack vectors.

Org Use Cases:

Java Security & Management

Ion lets you specify which versions of Java run and for what application. Lock down unsecured Java so hackers can’t gain access to the broader enterprise environment.

Information Security

Secure the browser environment similar to the application level and standardize on new browsers and apps, while deciding which are constrained or unbound.


Audits are undeniably challenging and complex. With Ion, you can start to enforce the compliance guideline that your security team has specified.




Read the whitepaper to learn how Ion can unblock your Windows 7 migration – run legacy and
modern web applications in a single browser


Additional Benefits:


View easy-to-digest trend analysis charts or dig deeper into near real-time granular, line-item details.


Discover which browsers and versions are being used for upgrade and compatibility considerations.


See which web applications are actively accessed, by whom and how often.


Comply with international privacy and regulatory requirements with Privacy Mode, which anonymizes user names and IPs.


Know the dependencies between your applications, browsers, and add-ons to understand upgrade or migration effects.


Simple installation delivers all functionality for the entire Browsium suite.

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