Browser Management Use Cases

The paradigm shift to web-based enterprise applications has brought with it many challenges. By using the right tools to manage your browser environment, you can address both tactical and long-term strategic IT challenges inherent in your complex browser environment.

Our customers, from around the globe, use browser management to address any array of compatibility, security, and productivity issues in their browser environment. The challenges our customers most frequently address with browser management are:

Windows 10 Migration
As platform technologies continue to change, you must gear up for yet another operating system and browser migration project. With Browsium software, you can approach your migration without fearing compatibility issues and dependencies will block or stall your migration. Using browser management software helps you identify and manage web applications and their dependencies proactively, so you can leave behind unused applications, ready your applications for Microsoft Edge, and smoothly migrate to Windows 10.

Java Management
Managing Java with its many releases, regular updates, and acknowledged vulnerabilities is not easy. Browsium software changes this by enabling you to detect Java usage throughout your organization, isolate legacy versions from the Internet, and manage multiple versions of Java on each PC to maximize security and compatibility.

Shadow IT Control
Shadow IT and the management challenges it presents are growing daily in most organizations. Browser management gives you the ability to understand what SaaS licenses are used and by whom and who is sharing proprietary business documents on unmanaged cloud services. This enables you to ensure compliance, gain volume discounts, properly scale hosting services, and set IT policies in a cloud-connected world.

Browser management is also used to address a number of IT issues which fall into the categories of Discovery/Rationalization, Migration/Compatibility, and Security/Compliance. Take a look and see how many you notice in your browser environment

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