Enterprise X-ray vision for
your web applications

Immediately extend IT Operations visibility into the browser.

Browser Intelligence

Your browser environment has a vast amount of area with little to no IT visibility. With all the responsibility and none of the control, it can be challenging to identify hidden problems in the browser. Proton gives you oversight on everything from Shadow It to Java Security and Management.


Provisions For:

IT Operations

Add high-fidelity to understanding where your resources are deployed in the corporate infrastructure.

  • Discover which browser versions are being used for upgrade and compatibility.
  • Detail the relationship between apps, browsers, and add-ons to upgrade or migrate.

Information Security

Surgically identify and lock down security threats in your milieu with pin-point accuracy.

  • Understand Java and ActiveX instances and version details for improved security.
  • Identify unused Java versions that can be uninstalled to reduce attack surface.

Business Owners

Understand your software usage so you can budget and allocate resources appropriately.

  • Comprehend app execution from user endpoints to correct app performance.
  • Determine which applications are used by the various lines of business.

Org Use Cases:

Java Security & Management

With Proton, you have concrete data into which Java versions you’re running and where. With the right data, you can protect or deprecate older Java instances to secure your organization.


With the myriad of browser and application updates coming regularly you must address challenges proactively. Proton gives you critical data on unforeseen problems as software updates are applied.

Shadow IT

Stop being a detective trying to find obscure applications lurking in your technology stack. With Proton you have all the facts, so you get fewer surprises and more leverage over IT Operation’s success.




Read the whitepaper to learn how Proton delivers a deep understanding of your browser and web app environment to improve security and reduce costs.


Additional Benefits:


View easy-to-digest trend analysis charts or dig deeper into near real-time granular, line-item details.


Discover which browsers and versions are being used for upgrade and compatibility considerations.


See which web applications are actively accessed, by whom and how often.


Comply with international privacy and regulatory requirements with Privacy Mode, which anonymizes user names and IPs.


Know the dependencies between your applications, browsers, and add-ons to understand upgrade or migration effects.


Simple installation delivers all functionality for the entire Browsium suite.

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