Own the browser environment
as if you built it yourself

Browser management from Browsium lets you own the browser environment as if you built it yourself. Catalyst is the only tool that allows your application to use the perfect browser configuration to run optimally every time.

Browser Traffic Control

Your users need to access a variety of applications on the web, but they don’t always use the right browser for the correct application. Catalyst provides IT specialists with rulesets to make sure that your users are using the proper browser every time thereby reducing end-user frustration and the cost of human error to your organization.


Provisions For:

IT Operations

Reduce headaches with control over how users access critical systems and ensure the expected outcome.

  • Rules ensure IT controls which browser opens each website.
  • Make it easy for IT to build rules which can be based on URL, zones, or regular expressions.

Information Security

Ensure approved browser configs are used while reducing attacks and user circumvention.

  • Isolate unsecure plugs by controlling which browser opens public websites.
  • Catalyst stops user from easily overriding settings to use an insecure browser.

Business Owners

Catalyst controls help you save time and money by ensuring your users use the right browser every-time.

  • Transparent to end users – the right browser opens automatically – eliminating helpdesk calls and lost productivity from accidental compatibility issues.

Org Use Cases:

Browser Traffic Control

Save your time and sanity by controlling the multi-browser environment. With rules-management and browser redirect you can keep your users from accessing unsupported or unauthorized browsers.

Manage Productivity

Gartner advises that human error costs $150 per incident. Catalyst empowers IT to manage productivity by reducing unnecessary downtime to authorize the proper browser configuration every time.

Browser Security

Control which browser and configurations are used to access the internet. While also ensuring business operations avoid zero-day exploits by omitting the exposed browser and using a secure version.




Read the whitepaper to learn how Catalyst can manage and secure multi-browser PC environments in the enterprise.


Additional Benefits:


View easy-to-digest trend analysis charts or dig deeper into near real-time granular, line-item details.


Discover which browsers and versions are being used for upgrade and compatibility considerations.


See which web applications are actively accessed, by whom and how often.


Comply with international privacy and regulatory requirements with Privacy Mode, which anonymizes user names and IPs.


Know the dependencies between your applications, browsers, and add-ons to understand upgrade or migration effects.


Simple installation delivers all functionality for the entire Browsium suite.

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