Browser Monitoring

Browser Management

Browser monitoring has become more challenging as business operations have moved to a set of disconnected, but hyper-dependent, applications compiled by the browser in real-time. Traditional browser management tools cannot detect and manage that level of activity. You need management solutions specifically designed to manage the complex and dynamic nature of your browser.

What the Browser Management Suite Does for You

Browsium software provides crystal-clear visibility into the ‘browser blind spot’ that traditional tools are not designed to detect. Our management suite delivers a solution tailored to the unique environment of browser-based, enterprise web applications. It gives you the ability to analyze and manage your enterprise environment, from discovery to action, for everything browser-based within and outside your enterprise.

The discovery and control delivered by Browsium’s browser management suite empowers you to save money, improve security, and increase efficiency in your organization. Our customers do this by building a comprehensive browser management plan with a 3-step process.

Browser Management Delivers

It also delivers solutions to a wide variety of browser issues in the areas of:

Browser Management Suite Modules

Browsium’s software suite includes three modules, Proton, Ion, and Catalyst, which are designed for you to use together or independently. All three modules share a unified Browsium Client to ease enterprise deployment and provide an efficient and performant client experience.

  • Proton

    Web application and browser usage telemetry for on-premises and cloud-based business applications and services.

  • Ion

    Web application remediation, browser security settings control, and Java version management.

  • Catalyst

    Multi-browser traffic management, pairing each web application with the most compatible browser.

Why Wait!

The quickest way to start saving money, improving security, and increasing efficiency is by scheduling time with the Browsium team. Contact [email protected], we’ll be glad to help you understand and manage your enterprise browser environment.

In the meanwhile, you can also learn more by reading our browser management primer, FAQs, or understanding the 10 hidden IT risks.

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