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Manage your browser as seamlessly and securely as possible with Browsium. Browsium is the leading browser management provider for the world’s largest enterprises. Built by a team of experts in enterprise web technology who bring years of browser experience at Microsoft to today’s dynamic IT environments, the company’s mission is to enable organizations to cost-effectively manage and secure web browsers and web applications at a global scale.

Browser Management Suite

Our browser management suite is the only comprehensive suite of tools to provide IT with granular analysis and control of browser environments to optimize web application use, compatibility, and security. Our solutions enable enterprises to fully understand and manage their browser-based application environment and quickly and cost-effectively respond to changes in web technologies as they continue to evolve. Browsium Proton, Browsium Ion, and Browsium Catalyst comprise our browser management suite. These three modules share a unified Browsium Client for easy deployment, and can be used together or independently in your enterprise IT environment.

Browsium Proton is a comprehensive web application inventory and analytics solution, providing the critical visibility, insights, and details IT teams need to effectively manage today’s browser-based application environment.

Browsium Ion is a web application remediation and browser management solution, designed to simplify browser migration and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security.

Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser.

Together, these modules create an end-to-end browser management platform designed to help enterprise IT teams identify and remediate inconsistencies, manage critical enterprise web applications and migrations, and ultimately make sound business decisions. See some of the organizations that have selected Browsium solutions for their enterprise

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