Clear the Path to IE11 Migration

Overcome web application compatibility and management challenges with Browsium Ion

Today’s rapidly changing operating system and browser environments bring with them complex and costly application compatibility and security issues. IT organizations, like yours, face the challenge of cost-effectively migrating to modern versions of Internet Explorer without breaking your business-critical web applications and disrupting workflow. The pressure to migrate web applications to IE11 has increased, as supported ended January 12, 2016 for all but only the most current version of Internet Explorer.

Browsium Ion is a web application remediation and browser management solution for enterprise, designed to simplify browser migration and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security. It enables legacy IE-dependent line of business applications to run in modern versions of Internet Explorer, like IE11, without rewriting applications or installing expensive and complex virtualization solutions. Ion unblocks the web application compatibility issues which most often stall a browser migration. Read more about the most cost-effictive and painless way to migrate to IE11 in our eBook: Clearing the Path to IE11 Migration.

You Can Manage and Secure Java

Ion also lets you control which versions of Java are loaded in the browser – or prevented from loading – and allows multiple versions of Java to run side-by-side on a single system for improved compatibility and security. Details about how Ion works to secure Java can be found in our whitepaper Managing Java Security in the Enterprise.

Deploy and Manage Using Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Deploying Ion is easy. We’ve designed Ion so you don’t need to add new servers or change the way you’re doing IT operations. It fits right in with what you already have in place. Once you have Ion deployed in your infrastructure, you have granular browser management capabilities throughout your environment and you’re ready to handle compatibility challenges as they surface, today and in the future.

Learn more about the benefits Ion will bring to your organization.

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