We’re looking for like-minded companies that want to help customers solve their deployment issues and migrate to modern platforms like Windows 10 and IE11.

The Browsium Partner Program offers many benefits, including software licenses for demos, access to training materials, and priority technical support, all at no cost. The program contains three levels:

  1. Bronze – For systems integrators who engage customers in professional services and refer the sales of Ion licenses to Browsium to fulfill directly with the customer.
  2. Silver – For resellers who sell hardware and software to large customers who prefer to purchase from existing vendors, and will resell Ion licenses via proactive sales or via referrals from Browsium.
  3. Gold – For systems integrators who are also software resellers and are prepared to own the customer relationship end-to-end, including proactive sales engagement, helping customers through their technical evaluation, and providing tier 1 technical support with Browsium handling escalations for all issues that can’t be resolved by the partner.

Please tell us a little about your company and how we can work with you on Windows 7 migrations. Use the message field to tell us which program level will best fit your organization. One of our partner managers will get back to you soon.

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