Proton: Delivers Telemetry to Help You Understand Your Enterprise Browser Environment

Discover the complexities of your browsers to improve security, migrations, application compatibility, performance, and save money.

Today you are responsible for managing business operations which rely heavily upon web browsers as a core platform for daily workflow. Yet there is a lack of tools to help you manage your complex browser-based application environment across the enterprise.

Without effective tools, you don’t have visibility into what’s going on inside the browser. You don’t know what applications are being used (or not used) or the dependencies between your browser, applications, and their various configurations and settings. This blind spot leaves organizations like yours open to security risks, blocked or stalled migrations, compatibility issues, poor application performance, and under/over-utilized software licenses. Browsium Proton is designed to illuminate this blind spot.

About Browsium Proton

Browsium Proton is an easy-to-use web application telemetry software solution. Proton goes beyond simply providing raw usage data, to instead deliver comprehensive, up-to-date inventory and analytics presented in easy-to-understand tables and charts.

With this granular data, your team will discover the critical interdependencies between web applications, browsers, and add-ons, and in turn, provide more effective and secure IT services and make better IT decisions.

Proton Use Cases


More about Proton use cases.

Proton Features and Benefits


More about Proton’s features and benefits.

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