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UniBrows 1.0.3 Now Available

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Today we released UniBrows version 1.0.3 which includes substantial compatibility improvements and important new features to ease deployments for customers with custom applications and complex network environments. We recommend that every customer upgrade their test and production systems to 1.0.3.

Because of the significant improvements in 1.0.3, we’re resetting the clock on all evaluation kits by including a new 60-day evaluation license key with the software. If you already have a UniBrows Evaluation Kit, you should have received an email with your custom link to download 1.0.3 and your new 60-day evaluation key. Contact Browsium Sales if you didn’t receive this email.

If you’re new to UniBrows, fill out the Eval Kit request form and you’ll receive it automatically via email. We’ll follow up with you in a few days to see how your evaluation is progressing. Be sure to use the Knowledge Base and other technical resources on the Browsium Support Site to help you with your evaluation. We’re always adding new material to the site, so check back often.

Some examples of new features in 1.0.3 are called out below. A complete list of new features and other important information about this release can be found in the UniBrows 1.0.3 release notes.

  • Basic print preview/printing support in the IE6 engine.
  • High (default), medium, and low security modes for rule processing.
  • Quick ability to enable and disable rules and profiles through the UniBrows Configuration Manager.
  • A new user interface for creating and editing rules in the UniBrows Configuration Manager. (see screenshot)

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