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You may notice that UniBrows 1.1 includes a new set of files with some unfamiliar names.  These files are part of the new Browsium Continuity Framework, a set of libraries that provides advanced browser- and system-level technologies for all of our product offerings.  The Browsium engineering team uses the Continuity Framework every day for both agile development of our commercial applications and rapid prototyping of our future ones.

Products and technologies released by Browsium in the coming months will be built on this framework, providing developers and enterprises with:

  • Powerful tools for developing, debugging, testing, and maintaining cross-browser applications,
  • Seamless convergence of seemingly competitive web technologies, placing the browser you need in the browser you want,
  • Granular control for side-by-side application compatibility regardless of the browser, operating system, or configuration,
  • Attractive options for extending the ROI of core line-of-business applications in a way that affords enterprises the ability to embrace new technologies, leading to
  • Innovative solutions that will change the way we approach the web application lifecycle.

We welcome your feedback on the tools you’d like to see us build on this framework. Leave comments on this post or email us at

Matt Crowley

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