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Updated Help Content for Ion

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One of our goals for Ion was to improve the amount and type of help and support documentation that was available for customers and partners throughout the life of the product. Ion’s Configuration Manager pulls help content from the web, not from static help files. This means we can continually improve the breadth and depth of the help content we deliver to anyone who is using or evaluating our product.

We recently improved our Knowledge Base articles, and now we’ve updated the online help for the Configuration Manager for those of you who are rolling up your sleeves at work to make Ion work for you.

We’ve added more examples, including links to articles and videos, throughout the online help content for the Configuration Manager. Here are the list of help topics we’ve updated, and rest assured that we are planning to make more improvements to more articles over the coming weeks as well.

If you have any topics you’d like us to delve deeper on than we have already, just leave a comment for us and we’ll take a look!



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