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HMRC Turns to Browsium Ion to Save Millions

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What do you do when you’re under pressure to upgrade your ageing infrastructure but have hundreds of business-critical web applications that won’t work if you upgrade? If you’re like most organizations, you contemplate spending millions to upgrade the applications or use virtualization to keep them running. If you’re Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (aka HMRC), you turn to Browsium Ion to get the job done quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

HMRC, the agency of the British government responsible for tax collection with over 85,000 desktop PCs, has chosen Browsium Ion as their solution to keep their legacy IE6-dependent applications running as they modernize their desktops with a migration from Windows XP and IE6 to Windows 7 and IE9. Not only was this critical upgrade unblocked, but HMRC can now modernize their web infrastructure and deploy new business applications and cloud solutions that wouldn’t run on those old platforms.

As reported in ComputerWeekly, based on an interview with HMRC’s CIO Phil Pavitt, choosing Ion saved as much as £50M compared to alternatives offered by other vendors, including virtualization solutions.

HMRC CIO Phil Pavitt

US start-up Browsium is able to complete the work for £1.28m, compared to quotes from £35m to £50m or above from large system integrators, CIO Phil Pavitt, revealed last week.

HMRC is just one of many large enterprise organizations that have discovered that remediating legacy web applications does not have to mean a huge cash outlay and years of development, test and integration. With Browsium Ion, legacy applications run side by side with modern applications and the Internet in a single-browser, with no server-side code changes and no complex virtual environments to manage.

Update: Read the case study.

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