The battle of America’s two Washingtons

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Browsium is a bi-coastal organization, with a team in each of America’s “Washingtons”. Our company headquarters and business team is located in Redmond in Washington state, while our development team is based in our nation’s capital Washington DC. Both were named after America’s first president, but that’s where the similarities end. 2,800 miles and wildly divergent cultures separate these two regions of the country.

Most years, these two regions don’t think about each other much at all. But this year the two Washingtons have been thrust together in cross-country rivalry in the American football playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks (from Washington state) are playing the Washington Redskins (from Washington DC) in a playoff game this Sunday. This has created a chance for the Browsium teams to battle for bragging rights, a valuable currency that can be spent strategically throughout the year. We’ll also throw in a picture of the losers wearing the winning team’s cap- that sort of humiliation is priceless.

The East Coast Redskins contingent is led by Browsium founder and CEO Matt Heller. The West Coast Seahawks boosters are led by Gary Schare, President and COO. Each gets one paragraph to make their team’s case. The outcome will be decided by the teams on Sunday at 4:30 EST. May the best team win.

From Matt: As a lifelong Washingtonian it’s great to see our team rising back to the level of play they had when I was growing up. There’s a storied history here with The Hogs, Joe Theismann and Super Bowl victories under Joe Gibbs. The past few years haven’t been good for the Skins, at times we couldn’t give away our game tickets unless people wanted a chance to see powerhouse visiting teams like the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys. Not this year. Not with RGIII, Alfred Morris and London Fletcher playing for the Redskins. I’m looking forward to a good game against the Seahawks and even with the incredible scoring they’ve put up recently I have confidence we will see Gary wearing the burgundy and gold next week. Hail to the Redskins!

From Gary: Though I grew up a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, I jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon immediately upon moving to Seattle in 1996. (It didn’t hurt that the 49ers began a rapid slide to mediocrity about the same time.) Despite the emotional pain of the 2006 Super Bowl, I have come to love this team and the amazing fans here in Seattle that turn out every week, rain or shine (okay, mostly rain). While the Redskins have put up an impressive 7 wins in a row, no team has more momentum coming into the playoffs than the Seahawks. Both the offense and the defense are firing on all cylinders. The road to the Super Bowl goes through Washington DC this year, but it’ll be the Seahawks who move on to the next round after a resounding road win against the Redskins this Sunday. Go Hawks!

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