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Trust is critical when choosing any solution for your enterprise. You must trust that the vendor will be there when you need them – for implementation services so you can get up and running quickly, and for support in case something goes wrong once you’re in production. Browsium knows this well, and has been providing enterprise class support and professional services from the very start.

Browsium offers two support and services programs to provide your organization with responsiveness, service level choices, and consulting options to meet your business needs. These programs are designed to ensure you are able to deploy, manage, and operate Browsium software quickly and efficiently. Both offerings provide access to specially trained, experienced Browsium engineers who can identify and solve problems with web applications and browser management. Our service options range from telephone and email support to onsite implementation consulting.

To help you understand these offerings, and share them with your colleagues and management and, we’ve detailed them in a single document – the Browsium Support and Services Programs datasheet. Give it a read and email us at with any questions.

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