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New eBook clears the path to IE11 migration

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As readers of this blog are well aware, the timeline to migrate to IE11 has been moved up. January 2016 will be here in no time. The pressure is on to make the move or risk losing technical support and essential security updates.

Because most line-of-business applications now run in the browser, incompatibilities caused by a browser migration can be catastrophic to your business. Today’s rapid pace of innovation in browser technology, combined with compression of the support lifecycle, forces you to confront browser migrations far more frequently. Yet the traditional tools to remediate critical web applications and manage browsers have not kept pace.

Ensuring compatibility with IE11 for all line-of-business web applications before the migration deadline is very frequently an obstacle in the migration process for enterprises. Our new eBook “Clearing the Path to IE11 Migration” is now available to help you find the best option to smoothly and cost-effectively achieve web application compatibility and manage web browsers throughout the migration process and beyond.

This free eBook will provide you with an overview of the tools which have been historically used to solve web application compatibility issues – modifying applications and virtualization. In addition, it discusses two new browser management solutions introduced specifically to address application remediation.

Download the eBook and start planning your migration to IE11 today.

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