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Is your browser infrastructure ready for 2016?

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Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to hoping you are all ready to tackle the challenges 2016 has in store. This is the time of year many people publish their forecasts and prognostications, so there are plenty of opinions out there as to what you might expect. One thing we know for sure is that existing Browsium customers are in great shape to address whatever browser issues might be lurking in their future.

At Browsium we prefer not to guess about the future and instead build solutions like Proton, Ion, and Catalyst that provide a wide range of browser management capabilities. This allows your organization to understand your web application environment needs and address whatever comes along, without needing to ‘forklift upgrade’ or deploy ‘one off’ solutions to avoid business disruptions.

One thing we also know for sure is that January 12th is coming fast, and with it means the end of support for older versions Internet Explorer. Those not running IE11 need to act fast or be at risk. While there isn’t much time left to beat the date, the sooner you start, the sooner you reduce your security exposure. Contact Browsium to get started now and avoid unnecessary exposure from running unsupported software.

Another thing we know is that to better manage your IT systems, you need better information. Traditional desktop management tools and solutions are focused on installed, executable, “native” applications. But business-critical workloads have moved to browser-based applications, and desktop management tools haven’t migrated with them. Proton was purpose-built for this challenge. It’s critical to know what resources your web applications are consuming, which web applications your users need to do their jobs, how your staff uses web applications, and what Internet security threats are exposed to accommodate your business requirements. Proton provides that data and enables your organization to know before you act, giving you critical details and insights to ramifications of environment changes so you don’t need to hope or guess.

One prediction we’re comfortable making for 2016 is that with Proton, Ion and Catalyst at the core of your browser management operations, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way this year. Go into 2016 with your own ‘crystal ball’ and download the Proton eval kit now to see for yourself how it can unlock the mysteries of your browser-based application infrastructure.

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