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On 20 January 2016, Browsium hosted a webinar: Introduction to Browsium Proton. The webinar was a huge success for the live audience and generated a number of great questions from the audience. We have compiled the complete set with answers to share with all attendees, and anyone else who is interested in web application inventory and analytics. If you missed the live event, you can watch the video archive on YouTube today. You can also grab the slide deck.

Read on to see the questions (and our responses) from the webinar.


Browsium Webinar Q&A: Introduction to Browsium Proton

Is there a dependency view for components other than Java? I’m wondering if Proton can provide a map of all components used by a web application (e.g., ActiveX).
Proton has the ability to report on all web application components and associated activity, including external script libraries and binary objects like ActiveX. At this time the reporting views are optimized for Java. More reporting views will be added in a future release to accommodate these areas.

What is the Proton client adding beyond what Microsoft Enterprise Site Discovery could do?
From a technical perspective, the Proton client supports multiple browsers. Many customers have deployed Chrome and/or Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer. Proton also gathers several types of system configuration and inventory data from each client machine, not just reporting on those items which were used by applications. This approach shows a more comprehensive report that provides information on installed components which may not longer be required and therefore removed to increase system security and reduce support overhead..

Doesn’t Enterprise Site Discovery cover all the use cases covered by Proton?
Site Discovery takes an approach that is more geared towards point-in-time data collection, and is designed to be used in a browser migration effort. Proton is supports the migration use cases, but offers much more to IT operations as a modern desktop management tool.

Can Proton show time spent on each app, not just number of accesses?
Proton is designed such that it can monitor nearly any aspect of the browsing experience, including data around web application performance. In the future, we plan to instrument Proton to include details of object load times to get both a summary and granular view of web application performance. In addition, Proton will be able to show end to end activity timing to determine time spent actively in a given web application.

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