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Gartner report recommends bimodal browser strategy

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A recently released Gartner report titled “Applying Bimodal to Browser Strategies: Legacy and Modern” (ID: G00327548) recommends organizations embrace a bimodal browser strategy to accommodate both legacy and modern web applications. This recommendation brings to the forefront, the need to pair web applications with the most compatible browser and then manage them – and Browsium’s browser management suite does just that. Plus, it gives you detailed browser environment and web application telemetry, so you can plan and monitor your new bi-modal browser strategy.

The report further recommends the bimodal browser strategy include:

  • Developing and purchasing web applications that are browser independent
  • Utilizing a two-pronged browser strategy, supporting legacy and modern web applications
  • Aligning web application development and procurement with your strategy
  • Applying a browser support mode for each browser strategy

The report also contains an analysis of shifting browser market share (away from Internet Explorer) which is helping to drive the move to multiple browser environments. Browser management, support, and security are also discussed, and we’re happy to say Browsium is mentioned as a tactic in this arena.

This report is certainly an important read, as you stay informed about the trends in IT management so you can keep step as a modern enterprise. The entire report is accessible from your organization’s Gartner account.

Let us know when you’re ready to start your bimodal browser strategy – we’re here to help. Happy reading.

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