Catalyst Features and Benefits

Here’s a look at the ways Catalyst brings your enterprise control of multi-browser PC environments.

Maximize Compatibility

Ensures users always use the required browser for each web application. Legacy business applications are accessed via the most compatible legacy browser, while modern applications and the Internet are always accessed with a modern browser.

  • Rules ensure IT controls which browser opens each website
  • Transparent to end users – the right browser opens automatically – eliminating helpdesk calls and lost productivity from accidental compatibility issues
  • Catalyst Client works with IE8 and above, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

Strengthen Security

Strengthens security by allowing IT to limit legacy browser and legacy plug-in use to legacy business apps only. Keeps old versions of Internet Explorer and plug-ins off the Internet, even via unintentional end user action. Enables immediate revocation of browsers with zero-day exploits.

  • Legacy browsers only open legacy web applications; a modern, secure browser always opens sites on the Internet – regardless of user behavior
  • Isolate non-secure plugs (like Java) from the Internet by centrally controlling which browser opens public websites
  • Browser actions controlled by policies set by IT – end users cannot easily override settings to use an insecure browser on the Internet
  • Contain zero-day browser exploits by revoking the compromised browser for all users, or limit access solely to your intranet or specific sites

Manage With Ease

Catalyst Configuration Manager makes creating rules simple. Integrates with popular enterprise software deployment services, from Active Directory to virtually any software distribution system, making deployment of the settings fast and easy.

  • Catalyst Configuration Manager makes it easy for IT to build rules
  • Rules can be based on URL, zones, or regular expressions
  • Configurations stored in XML project files that can be saved and updated as needs change
  • Configurations can be deployed to client PCs via Active Directory (Group Policy) or any enterprise software distribution system
  • Simple installation, with unified Browsium Client, delivers all client functionality for the entire Browsium suite (Proton, Ion, and Catalyst)

Don’t wait to improve your enterprise browser management, compatibility, and overall network security. Download the free Catalyst 30-Day Evaluation Kit today.

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