Catalyst Usage Scenarios

We’ve outlined three core usage scenarios to help you see how Catalyst can end your multi-browser compatibility headaches.

Legacy Browser/Apps + Modern Browser (IT deployed)

A legacy browser, such as IE8, is still used to support legacy and current web applications and IT installs a second, modern browser for modern applications and the Internet. Left to their own devices, end users invariably use the modern browser for legacy applications or Internet Explorer for modern applications or the web.

Challenge: Compromises both compatibility and security
Solution: Catalyst ensures the required and most secure browser is used every time


Java Isolation for Security

Java is required for a variety of internal applications, but IT would like to isolate Java from public websites due to security concerns.

Challenge: Java security is a problem for every organization that uses Java for internal applications
Solution: Catalyst enables Java to be isolated from public websites by invoking Internet Explorer for Java-dependent apps and Chrome for the web

Internet Explorer + Second Modern Browser (End user choice)

Internet Explorer is the enterprise’s standard browser and users install an alternate browser of their choice, such as Chrome or Firefox. End users are likely to use their alternate browser to access IE-dependent business applications.

Challenge: Compromises compatibility
Solution: Catalyst ensures the most compatible browser is used every time


Virtualized IE6 or IE7 + Modern Internet Explorer

Legacy web application remediation is being achieved via browser virtualization. This results in virtualized IE6 or IE7 running alongside IE11, with users accessing the wrong one at the wrong time.

Challenge: Gives end users a confusing choice of multiple versions of Internet Explorer, compromising both compatibility and security
Solution: Catalyst ensures the required and most secure browser is used every time


In all scenarios, Catalyst overcomes the problem to offer seamless browser management which ultimately gives your end users browser flexibility and a more secure computing environment. Don’t wait to improve your enterprise browser management, compatibility, and overall network security. Download the free Catalyst 30-Day Evaluation Kit today.

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