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Can’t I achieve application compatibility by rewriting our custom applications?

Rewriting applications is an expensive and often unproductive strategy – both in financial terms and in terms of opportunity cost.

Some companies estimate that rewriting just one legacy application to function properly in a modern browser can cost millions of dollars. Compounding the problem – and increasing the cost – is the possibility that the developers who wrote the code may no longer work for the organization or be available for legacy application maintenance assignments; the software supplier may be out of business (if a 3rd party was used); or the application may rely on technology which is no longer supported.

In addition, committing engineering resources to rewrite legacy applications means there will be fewer engineering resources available to use technology to innovate and improve competitiveness. Furthermore, IT groups often don’t have managerial control over development teams, so IT has limited ability to manage priorities and schedules.

Web application compatibility can be accomplished more effectively with a browser management platform which enables an organization to run legacy applications on modern browsers and pair all web applications with the most compatible browser.

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