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Can I use Browsium’s products together?

Yes. The Browsium browser management suite consists of Ion, Catalyst, and now Proton, and each module is designed to be complementary. Our suite provides enterprise IT with greater visibility into their web application and browser environment, and the control to optimize both web application compatibility and security today and for the future. This enables a quick and cost-effective response to changes in web technology, without compromising legacy or modern business applications.

Here is the unique value each component in our platform brings to enterprise IT environments:

Browsium Proton

Browsium Proton is the easy-to-use web application inventory and analytics module. It provides comprehensive inventory data via a graphical dashboard along with critical correlations between web application, browsers, and add-ons, giving IT teams immediate access to the insights they need to make better decisions.

Browsium Ion

Browsium Ion is the web application remediation and browser management module, designed to simplify browser migration and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security.

Browsium Catalyst

Browsium Catalyst is the multi-browser web traffic manager module, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser.


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